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Bromyard HR7 4LL
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Conquest Theatre, Bromyard
Blues Brothers Reloaded

Live Performance

Blues Brothers Reloaded

This 10-piece ensemble is not an Ďactí - itís a theatrical show. You wonít see two fat blokes in suits, carrying a portable stereo system. Oh no. What you will see is a musically tight band, playing blues, jazz, soul, and rock Ďní roll. Youíll also see an all-dancing and all-singing trio of Soul Sisters, shaking their tail feathers and straining their vocal chords. And guess what else youíll see? Thatís right. Jake and Elwood Blues. Or as near as dammit. Blues Brothers Reloaded is a high-kicking, ball-busting, blues-bitching, hard-rocking, nail-biting, cat-fighting, mickey-taking, film-faking, tight-fitting, feet-stomping, dance-crazy, alcohol-hazy, powerhouse performance of a show.

Saturday 20th January, 7.30pm £8 BOOK NOW