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Bromyard HR7 4LL
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Conquest Theatre, Bromyard
Digging up the Past

Live Performance

Digging up the Past

The Pyramid Builders of Kahun
An illustrated lecture by Kendall Down
In 1889 Sir Flinders Petrie excavated the village of Kahun and uncovered a mystery. The inhabitants, who had worked to build and decorate the nearby pyramid, suddenly vanished, leaving behind all their possessions, from cheap jewellery to fishing nets, children's dolls to builders' tools. Using these materials we can reconstruct in amazing detail the daily life of these pyramid builders - but who were they and why did they disappear? In the lecture, "The Pyramid Builders of Kahun", Kendall Down explores the little-known pyramids of the Fayyum with their secret passages, then turns to the village, all the while building up a case that allows him to put forward a possible identity for these vanished villagers. Join him for this ancient detective story and see if you can interpret the clues.
Kendall Down has been travelling the Middle East since 1958 and regularly leads tours to Egypt, Israel and Jordan and takes part in archaeological excavations there.

Thursday 29th January, 8pm £6 BOOK NOW