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Bromyard HR7 4LL
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Conquest Theatre, Bromyard
Too Long An Autumn & Writer

Live Performance

Too Long An Autumn & Writer's Block

OGGLE (Orleton Group Giving Live Entertainment)present a one-act play by Jimmie Chinn
Too Long an Autumn, a poignant drama, set in the 1990’s, offers many light-hearted moments whilst challenging some of the stereotypical attitudes to the ‘older generation’. Long Autumn, appropriately named, is a retirement home for theatricals in the autumn of their lives, where euphemism reigns supreme together with a firm belief that elderly equals senile. Into their midst is flung Maisie May, a former music-hall star, too much of a burden for her straight-laced son and daughter-in-law who do not find Maisie amusing. Initially, the ever-cheerful, irrepressible Maisie copes with the rigours of long autumn in her own inimitable style but she becomes increasingly depressed. Then a breezy impresario arrives with big plans for Maisie……..
OGGLE will be performing this as part of a double bill with
Bodenham WI who perform 'Writer's Block' by Frank Ryding
A black comedy. Phyllis is a writer of murder mysteries, now in a care-home. But she can't quite tell the difference between real people and the characters she creates.

Saturday 7th March, 8pm £6 BOOK NOW