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Bromyard HR7 4LL
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Conquest Theatre, Bromyard
The Fabulous Boogie Boys featuring Sarah Warren

Live Performance

The Fabulous Boogie Boys featuring Sarah Warren

Presented by Steve Cas Entertainments
Introducing the latest in sensational jump jive rock & roll. The Fabulous Boogie Boys featuring Sarah Warren have been taking the live music scene by storm in 2008 and this year seems no different. This authentic looking and sounding seven piece band have received rave reviews wherever they appear. Their collection of old Wynonie Harris, Big Joe Turner and Louis Jordan favourites has folks dancing all night long. With their bright red zoot suits and period instrumentation, this outfit really looks the part too. The audiences lap up their storming renditions of hits that found their peak in the 40's and 50's. With a thumping back beat drum behind a bull fiddle bass, sabre toothed guitar washed over enveloping stride piano, honkin' tenor sax swashbucklin' with salt & pepper vocals, what more could you need? Well, how about a dash of panache, glamour and spice, all in killer heels ... Sarah Warren is fast becoming a legend in the UK, with her powerhouse vocals and bluesy style, she compliments the band perfectly. From great all time rock & roll favourites to New York basement style blues, this band will make any function go with a bang. With a tour of Italy arranged for August and the release of their CD already in 2009, things are smokin'....

Saturday 26th September, 8pm £8 BOOK NOW