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Bromyard HR7 4LL
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Conquest Theatre, Bromyard
UK to Beijing – by Bicycle

Live Performance

UK to Beijing – by Bicycle

Christopher J A Smith rode his bicycle 16,500 miles from Worcestershire to Beijing. For thirteen months his lungs and legs powered him into headwinds, across deserts and up mountain passes.
Find out how it feels to trade domestic comfort and security for life as a nomad and to pare one’s life down to the bare necessities? What is it like to push at the frontiers of one’s physical and mental endurance? What is the effect upon the human spirit of struggling against hurricanes in the Gobi Desert by day and shivering alone in culverts at night?
Accompanying the presentation with a stunning digital slideshow, Chris speaks about the importance of having a dream, about connecting with one’s passions, about recognising and seizing opportunities – and about how he wore out three sets of tyres, three chains, two pairs of boots, and fell off the bike six times.
Chris wills sign copies of his acclaimed book, ‘Why Don’t You Fly?’ after the presentation.
For more information about journey, bicycle and author, visit his website

Saturday 10th March, 8pm £5 BOOK NOW