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Bromyard HR7 4LL
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Conquest Theatre, Bromyard
Live from the ROH: Boris Godunov

Live Broadcast

Live from the ROH: Boris Godunov

Boris Godunov has been made Tsar of Russia following the death of Ivan the Terrible’s son, Tsarevich Dmitry. Rumours circulate that Boris had Dmitry murdered. A young monk decides to pretend to be Dmitry, in the hope of seizing the throne. When news that ‘Dmitry’ is marching on Moscow reaches Boris, he is terrified and imagines that the Tsarevich has risen from the dead to confront him. Although his court support him against the Pretender, news brought by the monk Pimen that miracles happen at Dmitry’s grave drives Boris mad. He collapses before his ministers. Alone with his son in the scene ‘Proschay, moy syn’, Boris raves about the future of Russia, bids his family farewell and dies.
Live recording

Tuesday 22nd March, 7.15pm £15 £13 BOOK NOW