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Bromyard HR7 4LL
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Conquest Theatre, Bromyard
Our Star Theatre Company: Tapley House

Live Performance

Our Star Theatre Company: Tapley House

An original comedy by Georgia Gill
Donnie and Sid are a couple of lazy twenty-something’s, thrown together by fate under the roof of Tapley House. Landlady, Mrs Tapley keeps an unnervingly close eye on them as they stumble through life, dreaming of an extraordinary business plan that will get them rich quick without ever having to get off the sofa. When a new tenant arrives, a dark secret is revealed and all hell breaks loose in the once innocuous House of Tapley. Jealousy, love and a mysterious old lady, are all thrown together in a mayhem of pre-destination, and Donnie and Sid are the only two available idiots that can save the day.

Saturday 7th April 7.30pm £10 £8 BOOK NOW